Canada: HPV vaccine for all!

The federal government throws down $300 million for vaccinations.

Published March 21, 2007 10:48PM (EDT)

Americans just love making fun of our occasionally socially enlightened northern neighbors: We seem to find Canadians -- with their undying love for hockey and mullets -- unintentionally hilarious. Plus, the accents!

Yeah, laugh all you want. Canada's federal government announced yesterday that $300 million will be directed toward funding the HPV vaccine. That's enough to cover vaccinations nationwide, according to estimates. Gail Beck, the president of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada told the Globe and Mail: "The federation believes that this is the biggest breakthrough in women's health in many years."

Whether the Canadian government plans to make the vaccine mandatory is still unclear. But, the Globe and Mail declared, "The announcement ... means the government has decided that it is more important to spend on items that will appeal to families, particularly in urban and suburban areas, than to keep a small number of increasingly restless social Conservatives in the fold."

Pretty cool, eh?

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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