Working women not nice enough?

Plus, do all young women just want to be a princess for a day?

Published March 21, 2007 9:00PM (EDT)

Associated Press: The Pentagon released a report today on the number of reported cases of sexual assault in the military. Last year, the number of reports went up by 24 percent. But, so too did the number of attackers punished: nearly twice as many as the year before.

The Hollywood Reporter: The ad campaign for the upcoming film "Captivity" featuring "images of the abduction, torture and death of a young woman" apparently didn't play well with the public -- some folks raised enough hell to have it pulled. From the Hollywood Reporter's description of the series, it isn't hard to see why: "'Abduction' shows [the film's star Elisha Cuthbert] with a gloved hand over her face; 'Confinement' features the actress behind a chain-link fence with a bloody finger poking through; 'Torture' depicts Cuthbert's face, covered in white gauze, with tubes shoved up her nose; and 'Termination' shows her with her head thrown back, seemingly dead." But, as Nerve's Scanner puts it, the real question is: "Where [were] these concerned citizens during the run of Norbit?"

Psychology Today: Women just aren't nice enough in the workplace, according to a recent study. Subjects were asked to rate both male and female job applicants and researchers found that "women perceived as being more competitive were deemed competent for the job but also less sociable than other candidates, and thus less hirable." They also found a double standard at play: "Competent men, however, were described as hirable even if they weren't socially adept."

The Age: A reader tipped us off to this story about fairy-tale weddings, noting that this "can be filed under 'things that make you die inside.'" Unless, of course, you're thrilled at the idea of being a real, live princess on your wedding day. Which you most certainly are if you're under 25, according to author Rebecca Huntley. She says, "Even inside the most skeptical [Generation] Y woman there is a little girl who thinks it would be so nice to be a princess for a day."

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