Howling at Al Gore's enemies

Bob Somerby's done a great service by outing Gore's media haters -- but I'm not one of them!

Published March 23, 2007 9:28PM (EDT)

Poor Bob Somerby, one man up against the media monolith determined to destroy Al Gore. Somerby deserves gratitude for his work debunking media lies and half-truths about the former vice president -- and some sympathy too, because the strain of it all sometimes shows in his writing. Looking for media villains in the weeklong story about Gore's congressional testimony, he finds another one -- me! -- by misreading and misrepresenting my overwhelmingly positive post about Gore from earlier this week. He tears apart "Swooning Over Gore," because I dared to say that the Al Gore I saw give his global warming slide show last year was more charming than the Al Gore who ran for president. "She's still saying that Bush reached the White House because Gore wasn't funny enough," Somerby fumes, when I clearly blamed Bush, James Baker and Antonin Scalia for the Florida Democracy Massacre in the very same post. I'm sorry, Bob, but I happen to believe Gore ran an uninspiring, overprocessed campaign for president that didn't let his personal and political assets shine through -- and that he won the election, anyway.

Somerby also falsely claims that Salon hasn't debunked the lie that Gore "invented the Internet." Which is silly: We did it years ago, here. Gore has enough real enemies without trying to falsely depict me as one of them. Stop howling, friend.

By Joan Walsh

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