Exclusive Song of the Day: "Tasskiwet," Tinariwen

Shake off those old desert blues with the music of some Tuareg rebels.

Published March 30, 2007 7:01AM (EDT)

Tinariwen is made up of a handful of Tuareg rebels who decided to meld their eons-old Saharan musical tradition with the sound of electric guitars (which makes Dylan going electric seem like not such a big deal after all). Tinariwen's music is some amazing stuff, and today's exclusive song comes from the band's new album, "Aman Iman." "Tasskiwet" features the hypnotic, crosshatched guitars that are one of the band's trademarks. The track also showcases the massed vocal arrangements that are another Tinariwen signature and that match, if not exceed, the guitar playing for sheer strange beauty.

-- David Marchese

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By Salon Staff

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