Turning the corner, haberdashery-wise

An Indiana Republican on how he knows we're making progress in Iraq.

Published April 2, 2007 3:25PM (EDT)

Indiana Republican Rep. Mike Pence, who accompanied John McCain on his heavily armored "walk" through Baghdad this weekend, explains what he sees as progress being made:

"We did travel down to the area in Humvees -- armored Humvees. Fortunately, I think, by virtue of congressional support, all the Humvees are armored. What was striking to me just as an observer was to see Gen. Petraeus take off a helmet and put on a soft cap, and then instruct each one of us at our discretion to do the same. We retained our body armor for -- at the instruction of our security detail.

"But I have to tell you -- and there was some video journalism that was done there, and you can see for yourself -- we moved and mingled among some of the warmest and most welcoming people that I've ever met on the face of the Earth."

By Tim Grieve

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