Bells and whistles?

Dick Cheney on the role Congress can play on Iraq.

Published April 4, 2007 6:08PM (EDT)

Dick Cheney, in an interview with ABC News, on the role Congress can -- and can't -- be allowed to play in determining the future of the Iraq war:

"Clearly, Congress has a role to play. They are responsible for appropriating funds. But there's an area, once they cross over a line, that's pretty well drawn in the Constitution that says, under I think it's Article II of the Constitution, the president is the commander in chief. He's the one who makes the decisions about the use of military force, how they're deployed, when they're deployed, what purposes they're deployed for ... We charge Dave Petraeus, Gen. Petraeus, with the responsibility of commanding the force in Iraq, with accomplishing the mission of achieving our objectives in Iraq, and then Congress comes along and adds all kinds of bells and whistles to it that makes it doubly difficult for him to do his task -- I think that's inappropriate."

By Tim Grieve

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