School shooting suspect named

Affidavit reveals name of alleged killer.

Published April 17, 2007 1:59PM (EDT)

"On April 16, 2007 an incident involving various firearms, resulting in multiple injuries and deaths occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech at Norris Hall. Found at the scene of the incident was a bomb threat directed at engineering school department buildings. Norris Hall is an engineering related building.

"Over the preceding three weeks, Virginia Tech received two other bomb threat notes. A bomb threat note was found in the close vicinity of the shooting which occurred near the victims and presumed suspect who is deceased. The presumed suspect was believed to have multiple firearms including but not limited to a Walther p22 and a Glock 9 mm handgun ... During the investigation it was revealed the presumed suspect recently purchased a handgun at a firearms store in Roanoke, Virginia. It is further reasonable to believe suspect is the author of the bomb threat note. Additionally, it is reasonable to believe the evidence sought under this search warrant would be maintained, secreted, and stored at the presumed suspect's residence and or vehicle."

The name of the suspect is given as Seung-Hui Cho, and his address is given as 2121 Harper Hall, Blacksburg, Va.

By Joe Eaton

Joe Eaton is a freelance writer based in Roanoke, Va.


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