Women rising in Mexican drug cartels

In fact, faster than in state politics. Plus, more!

Tracy Clark-Flory
April 21, 2007 4:38AM (UTC)

Reuters: Women may account for only about a fifth of Mexico's federal legislators, but they're quickly rising in the ranks of the country's drug cartels. (They're also being killed at rising rates.)

New York Times: Juliet Moser writes her working mom -- in the New York Times -- to say: "I know I am lucky in that you have been frank with me about the challenges you faced establishing a career in academia while two small, probably irritating children tugged at you. I know that you regret some of the choices you made that caused us to spend time at day care or with nannies, but I am not critical of these decisions. You were concerned with the totality of your life, trying to balance toddlers, a husband with a full-time job and your own book-writing -- while teaching a full course load and serving as the chair of your department."


CBS: Things turned medieval in a Gary, Ind., high school after a student bumped another student in the hall. A friend of the bumpee pulled out a 6-pound flail -- a spiked ball attached to a stick -- and started to attack. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

Economist: What would happen if more women -- who account for most of the world's unpaid labor -- were actually paid for their work? "The world would be better off," says the Economist. The piece, which pairs an old argument with new research, concludes: "Men run the world's economies; but it may be up to women to rescue them."

Guardian Unlimited: Four women who filmed themselves encouraging a male and female toddler to punch each other avoided jail sentences today, though the judge acknowledged the video was "shocking to watch." Oy.

The Caucus: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke at Rutgers today and said of the women's basketball team's response to Don Imus' infamous "nappy-headed hos" remark: "These players and their coach have taken a truly ugly moment and transformed it into a transcendent one. They won the hearts and minds of the American people with dignity and grace."

Tracy Clark-Flory

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