Two sides of the same coin?

What the president tells his "buddies" from Texas.

Published May 1, 2007 3:23PM (EDT)

George W. Bush, Dec. 4, 2006: "I had a bunch of our buddies from Texas up here this weekend and they're kind of -- they look at you and go, man, how come you're still standing. It's not so much the presidency on the shoals because of difficult decisions I made, it's more the weightiness of this thing must be impossible for anybody to bear. And I tell them it's just not the case, that I am inspired by doing this job. I believe strongly in the decisions I have made. I firmly believe that we are responding to this initial challenge of the 21st century in proper fashion."

From the Nelson Report, via Think Progress: "Some big money players up from Texas recently paid a visit to their friend in the White House. The story goes that they got out exactly one question, and the rest of the meeting consisted of the president in an extended whine, a rant, actually, about no one understands him, the critics are all messed up, if only people would see what he's doing things would be OK ... etc., etc."

By Tim Grieve

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