"Year of the Dog" contest: First place

The grand-prize dog star in our video contest.

Published May 15, 2007 11:01AM (EDT)

We received many fine entrants in our "Year of the Dog" contest, some slickly produced, with zingy graphics and cheerful soundracks. But our three winners are all pretty straightforward videos, with very little getting between us and the charming antics of the furry star. The winner is Li'l Pup, who is actually 12, and his owner, Byron B. Mathews, Jr. (who we spotlighted when the video first came in). Li'l Pup's "dance-like trance," as Byron describes it, of bowing repeatedly to his food between bites, is weirdly mesmerizing, and was the judging panel's unanimous choice as winner. We hope you liked it, too. Second and third places follow, below.

Thanks to all for entering!

By Salon Staff

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