Music Video: "Dance Tonight," Paul McCartney

The cute Beatle teams up with Michel Gondry and Natalie Portman.

Published May 23, 2007 8:15PM (EDT)

With "Memory Almost Full," his latest album, slated for a June 5 release, Paul McCartney premiered a star-studded new music video on YouTube this morning. The video for "Dance Tonight," directed by Michel Gondry, uses old-style special effects (i.e., glass reflections) to make a ghostly Natalie Portman appear in Sir Paul's country home.

Given Gondry's long history of creating visually spectacular music videos, and the remarkable amount of star power involved, this outing feels disappointing, if not downright annoying. The cool reflection gimmick doesn't make up for the irritating and inexplicable presence of "The Office's" Mackenzie Crook as a "kooky" postman, or Sir Paul's evident discomfort in front of the camera.

-- Thomas Rogers

By Salon Staff

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