The Democratic freshmen on Iraq

A list of how the House of Representatives' new Democrats voted on the Iraq war supplemental Thursday night.

Published May 25, 2007 5:18PM (EDT)

Michael Arcuri, D-N.Y. -- Nay
Bruce Braley, D-Iowa -- Nay
Kathy Castor, D-Fla. -- Nay
Yvette Clark, D-N.Y. -- Nay
Steve Cohen, D-Tenn. -- Nay
Joe Courtney, D-Conn. -- Nay
Keith Ellison, D-Minn. -- Nay
John Hall, D-N.Y. -- Nay
Phil Hare, D-Ill. -- Nay
Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii -- Nay
Paul Hodes, D-N.H. -- Nay
Henry Johnson, D-Ga. -- Nay
Ron Klein, D-Fla. -- Nay
David Loebsack, D-Iowa -- Nay
Jerry McNerney, D-Calif. -- Nay
Christopher Murphy, D-Conn. -- Nay
Patrick Murphy, D-Pa. -- Nay
Ed Perlmutter, D-Colo. -- Nay
John Sarbanes, D-Md. -- Nay
Carol Shea-Porter, D-N.H. -- Nay
Betty Sutton, D-Ohio -- Nay
Peter Welch, D-Vt. -- Nay
John Yarmuth, D-Ky. -- Nay
Jason Altmire, D-Pa. -- Aye
Nancy Boyda, D-Kan. -- Aye
Christopher Carney, D-Pa. -- Aye
Joe Donnelly, D-Ind. -- Aye
Brad Elsworth, D-Ind. -- Aye
Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz. -- Aye
Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. -- Aye
Baron Hill, D-Ind. -- Aye
Steve Kagen, D-Wis. -- Aye
Nicholas Lampson, D-Texas -- Aye
Tim Mahoney, D-Fla. -- Aye
Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz. -- Aye
Ciro Rodriguez, D-Texas -- Aye
Heath Shuler, D-N.C. -- Aye
Zackary Space, D-Ohio -- Aye
Timothy Walz, D-Minn. -- Aye
Charles Wilson, D-Ohio -- Aye

By Salon Staff

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