How to get an iPhone

Steve Jobs' advice for getting his hot new phone: Forget the Apple shop, go to AT&T instead.

By Farhad Manjoo
June 2, 2007 4:21PM (UTC)
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Here's a tip from Arianna Huffington, who cornered Steve Jobs at the WSJ's D Conference this week and pressed him on an important detail about Apple's pretty new phone (scheduled to land in "late June," according to Jobs). Jobs' advice to Huffington on the best way to get an iPhone:

"Don't go to an Apple store ... It will be a madhouse there. People will be lined up around the block, sleeping on the sidewalk to get one. Go to an AT&T/Cingular store. Most people don't know that they will be selling them too."


Here's the AT&T store locator. You might also want to take along one of these, as well as one of these to help you pass the time.

Farhad Manjoo

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