A major label gives its music away

Warner Music Group makes its music available online -- for free.

By Salon Staff
June 6, 2007 12:22AM (UTC)
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Someone check for flying pigs -- a major label is letting people listen to its music for free. The Wall Street Journal reported today that, in an effort to jump-start sales, Warner Music Group will allow people access to its entire digital catalog via the new Web site Lala.com. You won't be able to download the music immediately -- the songs are streaming on the site, with the option to pay for downloads -- but the idea is that you'll like what you hear enough to pony up for the privilege of listening to the music away from your computer, be it on an iPod or other digital music player. I'm usually pretty skeptical any time the music industry does something that seems to benefit the consumer, but it's hard to see the flaw in this new development.

-- David Marchese

Salon Staff

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