A brief cameo by Richard Pombo

Long day. Hard ride. If Pombo was still a California Congressman, it would have been even worse

By Andrew Leonard

Published June 6, 2007 5:16AM (EDT)

78 mile ride. A killer headwind for the last 25 miles. Too tired to write. Except...

Most of my day today was spent on Highway 130, an ultra-rural road leading from Mount Hamilton, near east San Jose, to Livermore. The family of Richard Pombo, the former congressman from Tracy, Calif., owns a significant amount of land near the highway.

Pombo wanted 130 converted to a freeway that would directly connect Livermore to San Jose. This would have been good for his family.

Almost everyone else disagreed. After Pombo's unexpected defeat in November 2006, the plan has been abandoned.

For now.

Andrew Leonard

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