Music Video: "Rotten Hell," Menomena

The Portland trio finds poetry in a school food fight.

By Salon Staff

Published June 18, 2007 7:12PM (EDT)

The video for Menomena's "Rotten Hell," from the Oregon trio's latest album, "Friend and Foe," redeems the cliché of the school food fight. In a sly take on the song's lyrics, about violence and self-righteous conviction ("Well it's high time we stepped outside/ Drop the gloves and settle this like a man"), directors War & Julius assembled a group of uniformed schoolchildren and had them fling spaghetti at one another. Shot in slow motion, from initial provocation to full-fledged "Braveheart"-style battle charge, the video is beautiful, touching and weirdly hilarious.

-- Thomas Rogers

Salon Staff

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