Music Video: "Operation," Charlotte Gainsbourg

Jean-Baptiste Mondino directs a simple video about ill-fated love.

By Salon Staff

Published June 19, 2007 5:45PM (EDT)

From Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who has helmed seminal music videos for Björk, Madonna and Don Henley, comes this brand-new video for actor/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Operation." Mondino frames Gainsbourg against a black backdrop, being caressed by a pair of disembodied male hands. As the song progresses, a lover appears and begins mouthing along to the suggestive lyrics; "Now I'm inside you/ My hands can feel their way/ Further than I have ever been." By judiciously cutting together hand gestures, faces and torsos -- using Mondino's typically polished aesthetic -- the video evocatively tells the story of a manipulative love affair.

-- Thomas Rogers

Salon Staff

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