The cost of war

A new report says the wars in the Middle East cost the U.S. $12 billion every month.

Published July 9, 2007 11:20PM (EDT)

If you weren't already angry enough about the war in Iraq, we've got more fodder for your fury: the Associated Press is reporting that, according to the Congressional Research Service, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now costing the U.S. approximately $12 billlion every month. Ten billion in Iraq, two billion in Afghanistan.

As the cost of the war in Iraq creeps toward half a trillion, it's alternately hilarious and heartbreaking to harken back to the good old days of early 2003 when the Bush administration was dismissing reports that a war in Iraq might cost more than -- gasp! -- $60 billion.

In an effort to keep a sense of humor about the cash-suck, the folks at have come up with a contest: what would you with $500 billion? Sure, the New York Times has reported that a mere $200 billion would pay for preschool for every 3 and 4-year-old in America, but the full $500 billion would actually pay for something even better -- 5,574 Twinkies for every American citizen.

By Julia Dahl

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