Song of the Day: "The Night Starts Here," Stars

Romantic dance-inflected pop for you to swoon over.

By Salon Staff

Published July 9, 2007 7:01AM (EDT)

A short while back I posted a track from an album of remixes of songs originally by the Montreal indie darlings Stars. Let's retroactively consider that a teaser, because today's download, "The Night Starts Here," is a brand-new number from the band's upcoming album, "In Our Bedroom After the War." A swooning, sparkling affair, "Night," like all of the band's work, is so unabashedly romantic and dramatic it constantly risks coming across as precious. But the sentiments ring so true, and the feelings come across so raw, that rather than making a hash of late-20s, early-30s emotional upheaval, the music ends up sounding wonderfully honest and true.

-- David Marchese

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