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A swimsuit issue in Chicago, and more.

By Lynn Harris

Published July 11, 2007 7:31PM (EDT)

Chicago Tribune (blogs): Columnist Eric Zorn defends ousted WMAQ (NBC) reporter Amy Jacobson for what turned out to be a particularly visible way of cultivating a source. ("The fact that it was a pool party and she's in a bathing suit is really what -- and the fact that she is a woman -- is what elevates the story to outrage that so many people have over it," he told CBS2 Chicago.)

Washington Post: Former Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona says "that political appointees in the administration routinely scrubbed his speeches for politically sensitive content and blocked him from speaking out on public health matters such as stem cell research, abstinence-only sex education and the emergency contraceptive Plan B." (In case you missed it in War Room.)

Ipas: Just months after decriminalizing abortion, Mexico City has safe reproductive services up and running.

RHRealityCheck: Two low-profile federal proposals would have high impact on reproductive healthcare. See the site for discussion and legislator contact info.

CNN profiles Yanar Mohammed, founder of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, which -- among many other things -- works to prevent "honor" killings.

Shakesville: Remember the Nebraska rape case in which the judge barred the accuser from using the word "rape" (and related terms)? The accuser has refused to sign the order agreeing not to use the terms during testimony.

Lynn Harris

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