American Taliban on the warpath against evolution

A home-grown jihadi threatens professors of evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

By Andrew Leonard

Published July 12, 2007 6:59PM (EDT)

In Pakistan, the bloody battle between the government and the Taliban wannabes holed up in the Lal Masjid "Red Mosque" is over, with hundreds dead, including Maulana Abdul Ghazi, one of the two brothers who mobilized radical students to push for Islamic revolution. But the aftermath is tense. Will President Musharraf's decision to crack down inflame tensions between the fundamentalists and the state, or convince the jihadis that martyrdom is overrated? The importance of the question can hardly be overstated. Pakistan has the bomb.

Meanwhile, in Boulder, Colo., a home-grown jihadi is terrorizing the University of Colorado at Boulder's ecology and evolutionary biology department. The Denver Post reported on Tuesday that "police are investigating a series of threatening messages and documents e-mailed to and slipped under the door of evolutionary biology labs on the Boulder campus." At the Panda's Thumb, a blog devoted to critiquing the "claims of anti evolutionism," excerpts of e-mails sent by the perpetrator to CU-Boulder faculty members display an unrestrained eagerness for escalating the ever popular with Christian fundamentalists creationism-evolution debate into an out-and-out holy war.

One recent e-mail, which may have attracted the attention of the police, reportedly reads as follows:

"Pastor Jerry Gibson spoke at Doug White's New Day Covenant Church in Boulder.

He said that every true Christian should be ready and willing to take up arms to kill the enemies of Christian society.

But I believe it is far more effective to take up a pen to kill the enemies of Truth.

President GW Bush II [sic] is waging a global war on terror. But it seems he has overlooked the terrorists operating in our own backyard!

He likes to say "God Bless America," and our Pledge of Allegiance says "One Nation Under God." And of course our Federal Reserve issued money says "In God We Trust."

But the EBIO [now EEB] Department at CU Boulder denies a Creator God and claims that life evolved from inanimate matter without Divine Direction, Oversight, or Providence.

Many scientists today have denounced Darwinian theories as bogus science. Yet the EBIO department upholds it as the Gospel truth and hides itself in a false cloak of intellectual arrogance.

Academic freedom does not include the right to lie, obfuscate, and prevaricate. Yet this is exactly what these arrogant atheist professors do in the name of "higher education"!

EBIO professors are terrorists against America and against the true spirit of humanity, which consists of created beings beholden to their Creator!

EBIO Professors are also intellectual and spiritual child abusers of their young and impressionable students.

In addition, the New Testament states clearly that Adam and Eve were our original parents and that Noah's Flood was an historical reality. So the EBIO department not only blasphemes God, who is invisible, but it blasphemes His Only Begotten Son and our Messiah, Jesus Christ, which is more unforgivable given the clear manifestations of His Godliness and Holiness and the confirmation of all He claimed to be through His historic Resurrection from the dead!

For all these reason all God-fearing and Truth-loving persons must say,

"They must go!"

Back in Pakistan, the Ghazi brothers rallied the faithful against Western decadence, which may or may not include evolutionary theory, I'm not sure. From a Telegraph report in May:

"Our youths will shake their palaces with their suicide attacks," said Maulana (Father) Aziz in a sermon delivered to thousands of his followers at Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, in central Islamabad.

"The government has been saying that an operation against us is the last option, I want to tell the government that suicide attacks are our last option," said Maulana Aziz.

"Yes, Yes, Allah-o-Akbar," the worshippers shouted when the cleric asked them if they were ready to sacrifice their lives....

Outside the mosque a bonfire of thousands of video and audio cassettes and CDs, which included "Home Alone 4" and "Free Willy," was set alight as onlookers chanted "our way is jihad, jihad".

"This is porno material and blue films. This is destroying our society," said Maulana Ghazi, Aziz's brother.

Take your pick: Darwinism or "Free Willy."

And sure, How the World Works will concede that the rantings of what appears to be one unbalanced crusader in Boulder, Colo., do not equate evenly with the threat to civil society and South Asian geopolitical stability represented by Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan.


Andrew Leonard

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