A fine time to go on vacation

Unfortunately, big news or not, I'm leaving on vacation -- I'll be back July 24.

Published July 17, 2007 6:55PM (EDT)

I picked a fine time to go on vacation. The Democrats are showing some spine on Iraq, with the Senate holding a live quorum call all Thursday night on the Defense Authorization Bill, while Republican voters are so dispirited that "None of the above" is leading in the race for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination, according to the latest AP poll. And the right is distorting my interview with Elizabeth Edwards.

But big news or not, vacation time it is. I'm taking my daughter to visit my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison -- I don't expect her to go there, I don't much want her that far from California, but it's my touchstone for a really great college experience, and Badgers are fighters -- and then to Milwaukee for a high school reunion. Ironically, the San Francisco Giants play the Brewers while I'm there, and if there's any chance Barry Bonds could hit 755 in Bud Selig's house I'd sell my soul to be there, but otherwise I'm taking a break from the Giants' sad season, too. I'll be back in the office, and on the blog, July 24. Of course you'll be in excellent hands with the rest of the Salon team -- and a very special guest. Starting today, the incomparable Digby is writing in War Room, substituting for Tim Grieve, who's still making his transition to Washington, D.C. She'll be with us until July 27, so we'll overlap for a few days next week. I'm thrilled to have her.

By Joan Walsh

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