Ready or not, here she comes

Cindy Sheehan arrives in Washington. Will Dems heed her call for impeachment?

By Julia Dahl

Published July 23, 2007 2:20PM (EDT)

Two weeks ago, Cindy Sheehan issued House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., an ultimatum: Get the ball rolling on impeachment by July 23, or I'll run for your seat in Congress. Well, D-day has arrived. After two weeks on the road -- Sheehan and about 20 others have been caravaning from Crawford, Texas, through the South -- Sheehan is in Washington this morning. She plans to start off the day with a 10 a.m. rally near Arlington National Cemetery, then a march to the Capitol, hoping to land at Rep. John Conyers' office around noon.

Sunday, in an article titled "Impeachment Question Divides Democrats," the Politico's Dan Gerstein analyzed the Sheehan/Pelosi clash, calling it indicative of an "existential conflict within the Democratic Party between the D.C. establishment and the grassroots."

He continues: "Many progressive activists are incredulous at the inability of the congressional leadership to end the war, move big pieces of their agenda and (not least of all) defenestrate The Decider. Their frustration is starting to boil over."

As she has made her way across the country these past few weeks, Sheehan's impeachment agenda has caught her quite a bit of flak. USA Today's DeWayne Wickham called the idea "a real loser" and said she "doesn't seem to understand the politics of impeachment." But she's sticking to her guns. In Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle, Sheehan wrote: "I realize that if ever there was a time for politics as unusual, it is now."

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