Run, Dick, run

Is the Unitary Executive himself mulling a run?


Published July 26, 2007 8:56PM (EDT)

The press has spent so much time talking about John Edwards' hair lately, you'd think there wasn't anything much happening in the presidential race. Certainly, there hasn't seemed to be much interest in the Thompson campaign's implosion before it's even begun.

First McCain and now Thompson. Giuliani's fundraising also is said to be flattening out. Romney isn't setting the world on fire. Which leaves the field open for yet another entrant, and my fondest wish has been that Newt Gingrich would really hear the call this time and throw his hat into the ring, too. He has always been one of the least-liked people in America, and his mere presence in the race could be the final nail in the GOP's 2008 coffin.

But that scenario is nothing to this potential dream come true: Today Editor & Publisher reports on the New York Sun's ongoing efforts to persuade Dick Cheney to get into the race. Ira Stoll, the Sun's managing editor, sees a glimmer of hope in Cheney's cooperation with Stephen Hayes' new biography. E&P quotes from Stoll's review of the book:

The Richard Cheney described in this book isn't vain enough to do that simply for his reputation in history. My own guess -- okay, hope -- is that Mr. Cheney has taken a look at the Republican presidential field and sees an opening. If Iowa and New Hampshire Republicans start receiving copies of "Cheney" in their mailboxes, Mr. Cheney's popularity may yet begin to climb.

It's a pretty tall order but not impossible. The latest Gallup Poll has his disapproval rating at a meager 60 percent. It could happen.

I'm all in for the new draft Dick Cheney movement. Nothing would make me happier than to see him out there on the campaign trail defending his record and dodging impeachment talk. Let the people decide if they agree with your Unitary Executive theory, Dick. Put yourself on the line, for the good of the country.


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