On your mark, get set, pray!

A Brownback supporter says the senator from Kansas needs "protection from the enemy."

Published July 27, 2007 6:34PM (EDT)

Does Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., need a little divine intervention in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination? Some of his supporters think so. On Tuesday, Lonnie Berger, the self-described "prayer coordinator" for a group called "Pray for Brownback," sent an e-mail imploring the faithful to get on bended knee to help Brownback in the upcoming Iowa straw poll.

"This may be one of the most important prayer alerts I have sent out for Sam," writes Berger, whose e-mail is posted on USA Today's On Politics blog. And in case supporters aren't certain exactly what to ask God to do, Berger has a list:

Pray that God would supernaturally activate the Christians in Iowa to pray and go to the straw poll to vote for Sam. (When Christians vote, our values move forward in the culture war when Christians stay home, the enemy wins.)

Pray for God to break the spiritual strongholds over Iowa that would keep Sam from being brought more into the national spotlight.

Pray that God would use this poll to weed out those candidates that would push our country away from the Lord.

Pray that God would bring Sam to the top and that his campaign would get huge national coverage in the media.

USA Today's blog reports that "the Brownback campaign says Berger and the prayer Web site are not connected to the campaign."

Not connected physically, but spiritually, perhaps?

By Julia Dahl

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