The postman sometimes rings twice

Arlen Specter and the Senate Judiciary Committee are still waiting for an explanation from Alberto Gonzales.

Published July 31, 2007 10:50PM (EDT)

That letter from the Bush administration, the one that was going to explain how Alberto Gonzales didn't lie to the Senate, the one Arlen Specter said he was expecting by noon today? It turns out that it's actually two letters -- one from Gonzales and one from Michael McConnell, the director of national intelligence -- and the letter from Gonzales still hasn't arrived.

Specter tells CNN that he's "not prepared to say" whether McConnell's letter clarifies anything until he gets Gonzales' letter, too. "I'm only prepared to say that there's a question which has been raised by what is in Adm. McConnell's letter, and Attorney General Gonzales is on the verge of providing the information to at least give his side of it."

By Tim Grieve

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