That's Missus Sen. Clinton to you

The New York Times gets comfortable with Hillary.

Published August 13, 2007 4:40PM (EDT)

Anyone else catch the teaser headline on the front page of Sunday's New York Times Week in Review? It directed readers to Patrick Healy's piece about the New York-centric fantasy of a Rudy Giuliani-Hillary Clinton presidential race? It read: "Voters Just Might Pit the Mayor Against the Missus. Then What?"

"The Missus"! Har! That's adorable!

Seriously, a Broadsheet reward to any New York Times editor who dares to call Sen. Hillary Clinton "the Missus" to her face.

By Rebecca Traister

Rebecca Traister writes for Salon. She is the author of "Big Girls Don't Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women" (Free Press). Follow @rtraister on Twitter.

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