Nokia recalls 46 million batteries that can overheat

The cellphone batteries do not pose any risk of explosion, the company says.

Published August 15, 2007 12:28AM (EDT)

Boy, this have been a recallerrific week, hasn't it? First it was Toshiba with the bad Sony batteries, then Mattel with the lead-painted toys, and now comes Nokia, which says it put out a lot of faulty cell phone batteries over the past few years.

The batteries carry Nokia's brand, though they were manufactured by Panasonic between Dec. 2005 and Nov. 2006, and are found across the company's cell line, from the cheap models to the expensive ones. Nokia says it has received 100 complaints of overheating batteries; none resulted in injuries. The company tells Engadget that at worst, the hot batteries will "pop out of the phone (due to the expansion of the battery)."

To see if your phone's battery is affected -- and to get a free one in return -- check out Nokia's product advisory.

By Salon Staff

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