Roundup: Books, birth control, James Brown and more

Plan B sales soar, Americans don't read, and a dozen people claim that James Brown was their daddy.

Published August 23, 2007 10:37PM (EDT)

Plan B sales soar. According to the Washington Post, 2007 sales for Plan B -- commonly known as "the morning-after pill" -- are almost double the 2006 total, and are up eightfold from 2004. Plan B became available over the counter to people over 18 after an Aug. 24, 2006, decision by the FDA.

This isn't overtly Broadsheet related, but check out this depressing article from the AP, which reports that last year 25 percent of Americans didn't read a single book. The median number of books -- which means that half read more, half read fewer -- was five for men and nine for women. And a 2004 National Endowment for the Arts report found that only 57 percent of American adults read a book in 2002. One of the probable causes? The Internet. Oops.

Apparently he really was a sex machine -- the New York Times reports that since James Brown's death on Dec. 25, about a dozen people have asked for DNA tests to see if he might be their father. So far, three have come back positive. Hot pants, indeed.

So if men in India can't control themselves when they get drunk, does that mean that women shouldn't bartend? That's the question posed here by CNN-IBN.

And one more thing from India: According to the Hindustan Times, a U.N. study suggests that women are being trafficked not just for sex but so they can bear baby boys. Once the baby's out, the women are often abandoned or passed along to another man.

By Catherine Price

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