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The winners of War Room's 2008 bumper sticker contest.

Published August 24, 2007 12:43AM (EDT)

So much for worker productivity in August: When we asked earlier today for slogans the Democrats might use on their bumper stickers in 2008, more than 250 of you took time out from your busy schedules to respond.

In fact, so many of you responded that we will -- in the tradition of at least one of our great political parties -- simply change the rules of the contest to make it better for us. Forget that whole "pick a GOP bumper sticker as a tie breaker" thing. We received such a plethora of fine entries for both the Democrats and the Republicans that we're just going to pick the best of both of them.

And yes, that means two lucky War Room readers, not one, will be going home with some extraordinarily stylish Salon wearing apparel and/or gift items.

It's fun to be The Decider.

The best Republican bumper stickers for 2008:

5. "GOP: Never surrender." -- LiberalArtist.

4. "It's our mess, it's only fair we clean it up." -- Drachen.

3. "GOP in '08! No, seriously!" -- DerekJ.

2. "9/11/2001. 9/11. 911. NineEleven. Boo! GOP in '08." -- monsteroflove.

And the winner:

1. "GuantánamoRE!" -- dirge.

The best Democratic bumper stickers for 2008:

5. "Remember America?" -- norm wilner.

4. "Bush/Cheney '08" -- :~)face.

3. "We Shouldn't Even Need A Slogan." -- ScottyRVA.

2. "Osama Still Has a Job. Do You?" -- myiq2xu.

And the winner:

1. "I'll drink beer with my friends, thanks." -- OMalley8.

By Tim Grieve

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