Craig gives up committee assignments

McCain, Coleman call on the Idaho Republican to resign entirely.

Published August 29, 2007 7:38PM (EDT)

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has just temporarily relinquished his committee assignments.

The move comes at the request of the Senate's Republican leadership -- and just after three of Craig's GOP colleagues said he should give up his seat entirely.

In an interview with CNN, Arizona Sen. and GOP presidential candidate John McCain says Craig's conduct has been "disgraceful" and that he should resign immediately. "He pled guilty and he had the opportunity to plead innocent," McCain says. "When you plead guilty to a crime, you shouldn't serve. That's not a moral stand ... it's just a factual situation."

In a statement released to the press, Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman says Craig should step down after pleading guilty to "a crime involving conduct unbecoming a senator."

And in an interview with the Associated Press, GOP Rep. Pete Hoekstra says he believes Craig has to go. Hoekstra, a conservative from Michigan, says Craig "represents the Republican Party" and should resign because "his conduct throughout this matter has been inappropriate for a U.S. senator."

By Tim Grieve

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