Maybe they just need to "turn the corner"

Bush tells New Orleans residents that "better days are ahead."

Published August 29, 2007 4:19PM (EDT)

Isn't it a little late for the president to be declaring that "better days are ahead" for the people of New Orleans?

Update: As a War Room reader notes below, the full quote from the president is even worse than the snippet we ran above.

What George W. Bush actually said in New Orleans today:

"My attitude is this: New Orleans, better days are ahead. It's sometimes hard for people to see progress when you live in a community all the time. Laura and I get to come -- we don't live here, we come on occasion. And it's easy to think about what it was like when we first came here after the hurricane, and what it's like today. And this town is coming back. This town is better today than it was yesterday, and it's going to be better tomorrow than it was today."

Translation: You don't see the progress because you live here. I come here once in a while, so I know better.

By Tim Grieve

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