Craig to police officer: "You solicited me"

The full, nine-minute audio of a police officer's heated questioning of Sen. Larry Craig, after he arrests him in a public bathroom.

Published August 30, 2007 9:42PM (EDT)

This audio is of Sgt. Dave Karsnia questioning Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, after Karsinia arrested Craig for allegedly soliciting him for sex in a Minnesota airport bathroom. Craig goes on the offensive early, saying to Karsnia "you solicited me" (a charge he never repeats) and later lectures him: "I know you're out to enforce the law, bu you shouldn't be out to entrap people, either." An angered Karsnia tells the senator that he's "disappointed" with him, and accuses him of "lying to a police offer." Near the end, he chides Craig, "people vote for you."

The full nine-minute audio recording is below. You can read more about it in War Room.

By Salon Staff

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