A final Snow job?

On his way out the door, Bush's spokesman says Americans "trust and admire" the president.

Published August 31, 2007 7:15PM (EDT)

Asked today how he squares his admiration for George W. Bush with the "unpopularity" of the president outside the White House, Tony Snow said today that it's important to "parse" the polling numbers on Bush.

"If you take a look at trust numbers and so on, people trust and admire the president; what they don't like is the war," Snow said.

People "trust and admire" Bush?

Trust? In a CNN/Opinion Research poll conducted in December, a majority of Americans -- 53 percent -- said the words "honest and trustworthy" don't apply to George W. Bush.

Admire? In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll taken at the end of July, a majority of Americans -- 56 percent -- said they have either a "somewhat negative" or a "very negative" view of Bush. And in a Diageo/Hotline poll, also taken in July, 63 percent of Americans said they have an "unfavorable" view of the president.

To be fair to Snow, Americans do seem to dislike the war just a tiny bit more than they dislike the president who started it. In a CNN/Opinion Research poll taken earlier this month, 64 percent of Americans said they "oppose" the war in Iraq.

By Tim Grieve

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