Roundup: Mistresses ruin corrupt Chinese official

Plus: Biologist offers Hillary Clinton a lesson in primate politics.

By Tracy Clark-Flory
Published September 8, 2007 4:21AM (UTC)
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Girls soccer team pisses off rivals ... by urinating on the team's field. Photos of soccer players from Holliston High allegedly peeing on their rivals' soccer field in Medway, Mass., recently turned up on the Internet. The squatters have received an unspecified punishment and the tainted field was sprayed with disinfectant.

A limited definition of "obscenity." The bodies of two women suspected to be prostitutes were found in north-western Pakistan with a note reading: "We have started doing this to end obscenity in the area." It's suspected that Islamic militants are responsible.


Eleven mistresses take down corrupt Chinese official. Pang Jiayu, a former deputy head of a provincial political advisory body, was thrown out of the Communist Party after his mistresses revealed that he had seduced them by giving their husbands "big money" assignments in return for their affections. The women decided to speak out after several of their husbands were sentenced to death for abuses tied to Jiayu.

Pinning for a boy. A 31-year-old Chinese woman recently went to the hospital after discovering blood in her urine. X-rays revealed that she had 26 sewing needles implanted inside of her. Doctors suspect that her grandparents were disappointed to discover that she was a girl and inserted the needles into her body when she was just a newborn. Several operations will be required to remove all of the needles, but the hospital has offered to perform the first surgery pro bono.

Lessons in primate politics. Biologist Frans de Waal of the Yerkes Primate Center offers up "several primate lessons [that] may apply to human politics," including: "In order to build a broad coalition that includes her own gender, a female should not be overly attractive ... High status also won't increase her attractiveness as it is a turn-off for most men." Huh, I'd hoped we had evolved beyond that.


Equal opportunity for televised humiliation. On a new MTV dating show, 32 contestants will try to seduce MySpace celebrity Tila Tequila. But setting the show a part from the network's innumerable other dating shows is the fact that the Internet star is bi-sexual, so half of the contestants will be women, the other half men.

Teaching kids to fear men, part deux. Jeff Zaslow has written a follow-up to his article about the ways that we discriminate against men while trying to protect children (previously written about here). Zaslow says hundreds of men wrote him in response to the original article, "many lamenting that they've now become fearful of children."

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