Earth first, says Osama bin Castro

The jihadi and the socialist agree: George Bush's policy on climate change is messed up.

By Andrew Leonard
Published September 11, 2007 7:04PM (UTC)
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Osama bin Laden and Fidel Castro appear to be employing the same marketing consultant.

On Friday, an essay signed by Castro name-checked the Kyoto Protocol and blasted as hypocritical George Bush's call, at the APEC summit in Australia last week, for countries to band together to fight global warming. Neither the U.S. nor Australia, Castro noted, had signed the Protocol.


In a suspicious display of climate change harmonic convergence, bin Laden also mentioned the Kyoto Protocol in his latest communiqué:

"In fact, the life of all of mankind is in danger because of the global warming resulting to a large degree from the emissions of the factories of the major corporations, yet despite that, the representative of these corporations in the White House insists on not observing the Kyoto accord, with the knowledge that the statistic speaks of the death and displacement of the millions of human beings because of that, especially in Africa. This greatest of plagues and most dangerous of threats to the lives of humans is taking place in an accelerating fashion as the world is being dominated by the democratic system, which confirms its massive failure to protect humans and their interests from the greed and avarice of the major corporations and their representatives."

Fidel Castro hasn't been seen in public for more than a year. Osama bin Laden's been out of sight even longer. But both men have adopted global warming as a key talking point, and appear, at least implicitly, to support some sort of emissions trading scheme.

For Americans who are serious about mitigating the impact of climate change, the sight of bin Laden and Castro as fellow travelers can't be all that heartening, especially with the memory of 9/11 fresh in the national psyche. But the Castro/bin Laden coordinated P.R. campaign should settle at least one nagging question


The fight to restrict greenhouse gas emissions cannot be simply labeled a communist plot aimed at undermining the capitalist system of free enterprise.

It's more complicated than that. It's a revolutionary Islamic jihad socialist plot.

Andrew Leonard

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