Apple's $100 iPhone credit won't buy iTunes music

If you were fooled into buying an iPhone for full price, here's how to get $100 back.

By Farhad Manjoo
Published September 14, 2007 10:48PM (UTC)
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Get ready for a new round of iPhone early-adopter whining. Apple has just posted details for how it will go about distributing $100 in Apple Store credit to people who purchased the iPhone between its release at the end of June and the company's announcement, on Sept. 5, of a $200 price cut.

In the fine print of its rebate offer, you find this detail: "Customers may not redeem their store credit ... at any iTunes Store in the United States or elsewhere." Yes, you waited all day in line for the best iPod Apple's ever made, but don't expect free music for the thing, too!


Apple says that customers can redeem their credits on just about everything else the company sells. Well, except an Apple Store Gift Card. And as long as you plan to make your purchases in the United States. Oh, and provided that you activated your phone with AT&T -- if you're one of those folks who hacked it to go to another carrier, no $100 for you!

Please, iPhone early-adopters, redeem your credit and get yourself a nice Shuffle or wireless keyboard or something and refrain, I beg you, from clogging the Web with your rantings about how it's patently unfair that you can't buy the Arcade Fire oeuvre and how you're very disappointed in Steve Jobs, etc., etc. You got $100 for free, for no reason at all, so just spend it and be happy. Thanks.

To get your credit, follow the steps at

Farhad Manjoo

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