Larry Craig is back

But how long will he be staying?

By Tim Grieve
Published September 19, 2007 7:45PM (UTC)
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Sen. Larry Craig returned to the Capitol Monday for the first time since his arrest in a Minneapolis airport men's room became public. As he left a luncheon with other GOP senators, Craig had this illuminating exchange with reporters:

Reporter: Are you definitely leaving on Sept. 30 or are you considering staying longer than that?

Craig: We're working that out now.

Reporter: So it's an open question then?

Craig: No. I said I intend to by the 30th, that's what we're working on now.

The Washington Post's Paul Kane says that Craig spent his day on the Hill acting like "nothing had happened." The same can't be said about the way he got back to Washington from Idaho. As the Post's Mary Ann Akers reports, Craig changed planes in Denver.

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