The undecideds

There may be more of them than you'd think.

By Tim Grieve
Published September 27, 2007 9:21PM (UTC)
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If you're thinking that the 2008 presidential campaign has already been going on forever -- and if you're thinking that the folks in, say, New Hampshire must really be feeling that way -- maybe it's time to think again. New Granite State polls from CNN and WMUR show that 66 percent of New Hampshire Republicans and 55 percent of New Hampshire Democrats are still "trying to decide" which presidential candidate to support.

When the pollsters asked Republicans whom they'd support if they had to vote today, 25 percent said Mitt Romney and 24 percent said Rudy Giuliani, a statistical dead heat and a pretty serious change of fortune for Romney, who led Giuliani by 14 percentage points in July. The rest of the pack: John McCain (18 percent), Fred Thompson (13 percent), Ron Paul (4 percent), Mike Huckabee (3 percent), Sam Brownback (2 percent) and Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter at 1 percent each.


Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton widens the lead she held in earlier polls. She was ahead of her nearest challenger by nine percentage points in July; now she leads by 20 points. The current breakdown: Clinton (43 percent), Barack Obama (20 percent), John Edwards (12 percent), Bill Richardson (6 percent), Joe Biden (3 percent), Dennis Kucinich (3 percent) Chris Dodd (1 percent) and Mike Gravel (0 percent).

Tim Grieve

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