Karl Rove, George Allen and Larry Craig

The legacy, the comeback and the coronation.

Published October 8, 2007 11:43AM (EDT)

The longshot: In the Washington Post's extraordinary look at those who've left the Bush administration -- by one account, "nearly everyone who has left the administration is angry in some way or another " -- Karl Rove says he wants to be known for something other than serving as Bush's "architect." "It's not like my life from here forward is going to be defined by it," Rove says. "I have a chance to create something else. I'm not just going to be typecast as, 'Oh, that's the Bush guy."

The contender: Robert Novak, who knows a thing or two about Rove's role as "the Bush guy," says that former Sen. George Allen is thinking about running for governor of Virginia. Allen, who lost a close race to Jim Webb in November after a campaign in which he called S.R. Sidarth "macaca," struggled with the revelation that he's got a Jewish heritage and stood accused of making frequent use of the "n-word," currently seems to be spending his time posting to a blog about his campaign travels and his football picks.

The Hall of Famer: Idaho Sen. Larry Craig will be inducted this week into Idaho's Hall of Fame. Craig was selected for the honor in March, and the Idaho Hall of Fame Association -- motto: "Idahoans on Loan to the World" -- is apparently determined to stick with him despite it all. On its Web page, the group says of Craig: "Thirty years of exemplary political service to the state of Idaho and the country speaks for itself."

By Tim Grieve

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