A denial that admits too much?

Did Craig know that the airport men's room was a spot for gay sex? "I don't use the Internet."

Published October 16, 2007 7:30PM (EDT)

NBC airs Matt Lauer's interview with Larry Craig tonight, and we find this advance snippet just a little interesting, at least if it represents the entirety of the question that Lauer put to Craig:

Lauer: This particular bathroom in North Star Crossing is described as a hot spot for anonymous sexual encounters between gay men. And you had no idea of that?

Craig: Matt, you won't believe this. But I don't use the Internet. I don't have a computer at my desk. I've never used the Internet. It's just not what I do. I e-mail with my BlackBerry. No, I did not know that. I had no reason to know that.

Uh, Senator? Who said anything about the Internet?

Update: We're watching Lauer's interview now. And while the version of the interview NBC is showing doesn't contain exactly the same exchange described in the NBC transcript, Lauer does set up his question by saying that the men's room at the Minneapolis airport is known on some blogs as a site for gay sex. So we'll give that one to the senator.

What we don't give him: In the taped interrogation after his arrest, Craig said he didn't know whether his foot touched the undercover officer's but "apparently they did bump." "I won't dispute that," he said. Now Craig says flatly: "It didn't happen."

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