Romney spokesman: Salvation Army volunteers "annoying"

Aren't the liberals the ones having the "war on Christmas"?

Published October 19, 2007 3:31PM (EDT)

We know that liberals are the ones having the "war on Christmas" and all, but here's Mitt Romney spokesman Kevin Madden, taking a shot at a much-loved Christian holiday tradition while complaining about the prospect of having to campaign during late December: "No longer will the guy with the Salvation Army bell outside the door be the most annoying person. It will be the candidate asking for your vote."

We've certainly got issues with the Salvation Army, but the Christian conservatives Romney is trying to win over don't. Moreover, the group does claim that its "Red Kettle" campaign raised $117 million for Americans "in need" last year.

Update: In an e-mail message, Madden tells us that he made the comment, quoted in today's New York Times, "in a joking manner." "Nevertheless," he writes, "it was a thoughtless remark and I should have been more careful. For that, I apologize."

By Tim Grieve

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