FEMA faker promotion? Not so fast

A "hold" on the process.

Published October 29, 2007 5:18PM (EDT)

The Associated Press -- an actual news service with actual reporters -- is reporting that the Office of the National Intelligence Director has put a hold on the promotion planned for John P. "Pat" Philbin, the FEMA flack who participated in last week's fake FEMA news conference.

As we noted earlier today, Philbin was supposed to be leaving FEMA last week to take over as the ONID's public affairs chief. But a spokesman for Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell tells the AP that Philbin's promotion has been put on hold so that McConnell can review the situation.

In other news, Paul Bremer, George Tenet and Gen. Tommy Franks retain the Presidential Medals of Freedom they received for their work on the Iraq war.

By Tim Grieve

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