Note to Perino: Buy dictionary, history book

The White House says it would be "unprecedented" to vote down Mukasey. It wouldn't be.

Published October 31, 2007 6:07PM (EDT)

Pushing today for the confirmation of Michael Mukasey as attorney general, White House press secretary Dana Perino said: "It is, I believe unprecedented, to have a nominee actually be voted down in committee or on the Senate floor."

She's wrong on both counts.

According to this article from Time -- God bless the Google! -- the Senate rejected President Calvin Coolidge's nomination of Charles Beecher Warren on March 10, 1925.

When Coolidge renominated Warren, the Judiciary Committee sent the nomination back to the floor, but with a 9-7 vote against his confirmation. The Senate subsequently rejected the nomination, 46-39, on March 16, 1925.

By Tim Grieve

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