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Introducing a daily partnership with the innovative user-driven video network.

Published November 2, 2007 9:12PM (EDT)

This week a waterboarding simulation sponsored by Current TV was by far the most popular item on my blog, and today by semi-coincidence I get to announce that we're launching a new video partnership with the San Francisco-based, user-driven video network.

It's a semi-coincidence because I saw the video during a first meeting at Current, trying to get to know its staff and figure out whether and how we could work together. It took a while -- partnerships usually do -- but just as we were finalizing our relationship, we were searching for a waterboarding visual to illustrate a Michael Mukasey story, and I remembered Kaj Larsen's chilling waterboarding experiment from months ago, and we were able to post it.

In the meantime, as the result of our talks, we decided to mobilize a team of Salon video bloggers -- Tracy Clark-Flory, Alex Koppelman, Farhad Manjoo, Michael Scherer and Rebecca Traister -- who'd report for both organizations on politics, technology and culture. I also wanted to make sure we could offer you Current video as well, because I think Current brings a Salon-like creativity to its news and culture coverage. So we will be rolling out a partner site with Current in the days to come. We're starting with this video by Michael Scherer, which is already in rotation on Current TV. Tell us what you think. And then watch the latest video product of our partnership with IFC, Stephanie Zacharek and Matt Singer's discussion of great books turned into movies.

By Joan Walsh

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