Colbert and Springsteen: Still sexy

We came up with a new list of hot men for 2007, but we still love the guys from last year, too.

Published November 15, 2007 11:20PM (EST)

It's the same as last year: The letters on our Sexiest Man Living choices are as good as the feature, and maybe better. So far my favorite letter is this one from gradysu nominating her husband. I also like the raft of nominations for male Salon staffers. And I've gotten private e-mail from people who know Jon Hamm from his days at Burroughs High in St. Louis and say he's just as nice as he is hot.

The letters did make me sad about two men we left off our list: Stephen Colbert and Bruce Springsteen. They made last year's list, of course; we were committed to going out and finding new men this time around. But I want to reassure everyone that I still find Stephen Colbert devastatingly, disconcertingly hot (and I'm sure Rebecca Traister would say the same about Bruce Springsteen, even though she hailed Alec Baldwin this year). I wrote about Springsteen most recently here. He is inspiring, amazing and, yes, hot. My sister and I saw him from the "pit" in Oakland last month; see if you can find us in the video below.

By Joan Walsh

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