Laughing along with Fox Business News

Who bought an 8 percent stake in a Silicon Valley chipmaker on Friday? Was it Apple? Or the previously unknown emirate Abu Dubai?

By Andrew Leonard
November 20, 2007 8:44PM (UTC)
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Fox Business News may not yet be available on basic cable in Berkeley, but thanks to the all-seeing Internet, we are all free to mock the happy-news newcomer as we please, without ever needing to even turn on the TV.

Felix Salmon recommends visiting Valleywag, which first broke the news that on Friday, Fox Business anchor Alexis Glick misread "the tape" and told her viewers that Apple was buying an 8 percent stake in the chipmaker AMD. Some not-so-learned analysis followed this exciting announcement, although the assembled anchors -- all four of them -- failed to note the most interesting aspect of the news: Apple currently uses Intel chips in all its computers, so buying a stake in AMD would be quite the switcheroo.


Of course, as an undoubtedly panicked producer informed the anchors over their earpieces a few minutes later, Apple did not buy a stake in AMD. It was another entity entirely.

"Let me just correct ourselves," said Glick. "It's not Apple. It's not Apple. Abu Dubai? Abu Dubai!"

"Oh," chimed in fellow anchor Peter Barnes "The Arabs. OK."


Lots of embarrassed chuckling ensues.

OK, so it was Abu Dhabi, and not Dubai. But you know, if you can confuse a computer company with an Arab-run investment fund, how are you going to tell a couple of emirates apart?

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