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Tips for ethical travel, sexy turkey.

Published November 21, 2007 6:38PM (EST)

First, let us thank the Jewish Funds for Justice, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, and the Jewish Labor Committee for having collaborated to launch the Travel Justly campaign. The effort is designed to call attention to -- and perhaps even improve -- the relatively crappy working conditions of many hotel housekeepers. Ninety percent of these workers are women.

"Hotel housekeepers, most of whom are immigrants or women of color, work physically demanding jobs and rarely receive health insurance," according to the campaign. "Their injury rate is 10.4%, more than double the injury rate for service sector workers as a whole. Two-thirds of housekeepers report taking pain medication just to get through the day."

Travel Justly is asking travelers to pledge to be "ethical hotel guests" this holiday season by making an effort to (among other things) stay in union hotels, and to tip, tip, tip.

Second, vegetarians can thank Shakesville for posting this recipe. Here's a tip: Add paprika!

By Lynn Harris

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