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The coolest candidate in the race? It's Mike Gravel, of course.

By Tim Grieve
November 28, 2007 8:44PM (UTC)
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Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel may not have made the cut for recent Democratic presidential debates on CNN and MSNBC -- the networks said he didn't meet their minimum qualifications -- but that doesn't mean he has gone away. Gravel is expected to appear -- in high-def, no less -- at Saturday's Brown and Black Forum in Iowa. And our friend rx, the mysterious multimedia genius behind "Dick Is a Killer," caught up with him the other day in Los Angeles to tape this "documentary."

"He was totally into it," rx tells us. "Not sure if he completely understood what I was up to, but neither did I. God love him for spending the time. Every politician should be this cool."

Tim Grieve

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