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Don't ignore Shtup-gate, but Giuliani's Qatar scandal deserves more coverage.

By Joan Walsh
December 1, 2007 4:29AM (UTC)
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Joe Conason disagrees with my last post. Sort of. Here's what he e-mailed:

"So far the proof of my point is in the actual coverage. In a more perfect media universe, every issue would receive the attention it deserves; in the real world, as we've seen, sex trumps everything, even 9/11.


"The Qatar story is more important for a couple of reasons you didn't mention. First, because this is a current problem and not something that happened almost ten years ago. The profitable deals that built Giuliani Partners compromise him now and will continue to affect his judgment in the future. Second, because those connections are proprietary secrets that he refuses to disclose, unlike his flaunted relationship with his mistress-turned-wife.

"Cover Shtup-gate and the Shag Fund by all means -- but the relative emphasis given these two stories should be reversed."

Of course, I agree with Joe about proportion. And that's why we made his story the cover, and gave my Shtup-gate post second billing. OK, feud over. Back to work.

Joan Walsh

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